Ernest Hope | About

Throughout his career creating the new industry and field of adult stem cell therapy for cancer rejection, Dr. Ernest Hope has established himself as a pioneering figure in the use of adult stem cells to treat a diverse array of blood and solid-organ cancers. His contributions to this fast-growing field including many “firsts”: The first therapeutic cell population that has sheer graft-versus-tumor therapeutic effects, without damaging graft-versus-host disease; the first robotic precision manufacturing of scale for cell therapeutics that results in a rational and readily approved new entire drug-class of Cellular Intravascular Targeting Agents, CITA – CITA are the first approved cell therapy for advanced cancer and immune re-constitution after chemo-radiation therapy that have cancer immune surveillance activity in guaranteed international units (IUs) of pharmaceutical activity. Earlier in his life, he pioneered the invention of adult stem cells, and coined the term “re-embryonalization of differentiated cells”. A member of the International Academy of Science and Arts and mentoree of double Nobel Prize winner Prof. Linus Pauling Ph.D. there, and co-founder of several international Stem Cell Societies across the globe, Dr. Ernest Hope also belongs to the Academic Endowment of the German People and spent seven years as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Cellular Cancer Treatment Centre Hamburg GmbH, CCTC.

Dr. Ernest Hope currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of AmeReGen BioPharmaceuticals, SPC, an international consortium of philanthropy corporations. He also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ImmunoCure SP, which builds specialty factories for the fully-automated manufacture of cellular intravascular targeting agents(CITA)- the 5th generation of adult (ethical) stem cell products. Thanks to Dr. Ernest Hope’s many years leading and creating infrastructure for the adult stem cell therapy industry in Europe and the US, the company develops treatments that reject even some of the most advanced cancers quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, CITA treatments significantly reduce the need for cytotoxic treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy, treat multi-drug-resistant (MDR+) cancers with success, and prepare patients for surgical tissue repair where once there was cancer before CITA therapy, so that no inner scars form where the destroyed cancerous tissue has been.

Earlier in his career as a pharmaceutical executive, Dr. Ernest Hope served as the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of the Ladera BioTech Corporation. He also was US marketing director of ZYMED Biopharmaceuticals & Diagnostics, Inc. and worked as a house staff physician in internal medicine at the Duke University Medical Center.

Dr. Ernest Hope holds an MD and PhD in immunology and cancer biology from Stanford University and spent several years researching cellular communication and hormone signal transduction at the Max Planck Institute in Cologne, Germany. He established critical genes that refer cancerous properties to the raw gene family.


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