Ernest Hope, AmeReGen ImmunoCure

AmeReGen-Immuno Cure is the exclusive robotic manufacturer of adult CITA stem cell products to treat cancer without side effects with cancer immune surveillance therapies.

A longtime pioneer in the field of adult stem cell therapy for cancer treatment, Dr. Ernest Hope currently serves as the chairman of the board of AmeReGen Biopharmaceuticals and the chief executive officer of ImmunoCure SP. As best graduate student of the State of Hamburg, he received the prestigious Bund der deutschen chemischen Industry award and won the Jugend Forscht science competition with a research entry on orchid stem cells. Dr. Ernest Hope soon published a paper on the re-embryonalization of adult differentiated cells, which formed a foundation for the rest of his research and stem cell industry leadership career.

In 1988, Dr. Ernest Hope became a PhD student in genetics and biochemistry at the Max Planck Institute in Cologne, Germany, where he focused his studies on the connection between human RAS cancer and the healthy differentiation of stem cells. After three years at the Max Planck Institute, he relocated to Stanford University to complete his MD and PhD with additional studies in cancer biology and immunology.